The New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education Updated Mission

The New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education is a non-partisan organization composed of business, education, philanthropic and public policy leaders committed to improving the quality, access, and relevance of education for New Hampshire citizens of all ages. We believe in education-driven economic development, and our goal is for New Hampshire’s citizens to have the education necessary to meet their life goals, as well as the workforce needs of the state. An independent analysis of these needs indicated that, by 2025, 65% of the state’s workforce will need to have attained high-quality post-secondary credentials to sustain the growth of our economy. Given that only 51% of working age adults in the Granite State today have earned these credentials, the Coalition endorses this attainment target of 65% by 2025 (referred to as “65×25”). As the primary approaches to sustain our progress over the long-term, the Coalition also currently endorses the strategies of early learning, mentoring, and STEM Pathways.

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