The Coalition supported the recommendations made by the 65×25 Work Group in regards to their:

  • Definition of a high-quality postsecondary credential;
  • Target populations and number of credentials to get to 65×25;
  • Strategies to reach 65×25; and
  • Structure to support and sustain statewide effort to reach 65×25.

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The New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education is a non-partisan organization composed of business, education, philanthropic and public policy leaders committed to improving the quality, access, and relevance of education for New Hampshire citizens of all ages. We believe in education-driven economic development, and our goal is for New Hampshire’s citizens to have the education necessary to meet their life goals, as well as the workforce needs of the state. An independent analysis of these needs indicated that, by 2025, 65% of the state’s workforce will need to have attained high-quality post-secondary credentials to sustain the growth of our economy. Given that only 51% of working age adults in the Granite State today have earned these credentials, the Coalition endorses this attainment target of 65% by 2025 (referred to as “65×25”). As the primary approaches to sustain our progress over the long-term, the Coalition also currently endorses the strategies of early learning, mentoring, and STEM Pathways.

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Concord, NH – 7 innovative education initiatives – some that will create new learning pathways for students – have received the unanimous backing of NH’s Coalition for Business & Education – a group of NH leaders from business, education, the NH Legislature, and NH nonprofits.

The Coalition took action at its July meeting at Northeast Delta Dental in Concord, which is chaired by its President and CEO, Tom Raffio.

Among the 7 initiatives are those that aim a stronger focus on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, math) in order to increase the flow of talented employees to NH companies in a technology-driven economy.

  • STEM – Smarter Pathways: A NH Charitable Foundation initiative in partnership with the Community College System of NH, the University System of NH, the NH Dept. of Education, the NH Department of Resources & Economic Development, and the NH Coalition for Business & Education. The goal is to collectively create learning pathways for students that meet the workforce needs of NH businesses.
  • STEAM AHEAD NH: A collaboration among the Manchester School District (especially West High School), the Manchester Community College, the University System of NH, and Manchester businesses, including DYN and SilverTech. The goal is to create distinct pathways for students from secondary to post-secondary schooling in STEM, but with an “A” added for the Arts (STEAM), and to allow college credit in high school for college-level course work.
  • Common Core Standards: Already implemented in most NH school districts, the Coalition will continue to provide support for the Standards and to work with the NH Department of Education to help give visibility to what is actually happening in the classrooms across the State as teachers successfully use the standards to teach.
  • NH Scholars: This initiative is currently at work in 73 NH high schools. It encourages students to take a more rigorous course of study to prepare for college. Thousands of NH high school students have graduated from the NH Scholars program and added it as a credential to their college applications. The Coalition will support an effort to permanently fund this successful initiative going forward.
  • 10,000 Mentors & Competency-Based Learning: Competency-based learning is already the standard for NH school districts, but former Chair of the NH Board of Education, Fred Bramante, has added the concept of business-mentors for school students. The Manchester School District is the first in the State to sign-on, and will be the recipient of 1,000 mentors organized by Bramante, his board, and the Coalition.
  • Early Learning NH: This 501(c)3 organization works with early learning programs such as Child Care, Head Start and with pre-school and after-school programs to build private-public partnerships to support early learning initiatives. The Coalition will partner with this group to advocate for funding of programs such as Seacoast Early Learning Alliance, and to support quality ratings for early learning programs.
  • NH Education Indicators: The Coalition will begin work to help produce a NH education indicators report that will educate us all in understanding NH’s education pipeline from early childhood through elementary school, middle school and high school, and into post-secondary schooling. Among the collaborators, and sources for information, will be the NH Dept. of Education, the NH College & University Council, the NH Center for Public Policy, and the Coalition.

The NH Coalition for Business & Education is in its second year of operation as an informal group of NH leaders with a commitment to improve education in NH – both the approach to learning and the outcomes – so that NH businesses and the NH economy can remain healthy and competitive. The NH Charitable Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for the Coalition.

Concord — The New Hampshire Coalition for Business & Education, a statewide coalition of business, education and public policy leaders, is launching a new communications campaign focused on a statewide message that New Hampshire’s economy depends on education. The campaign will launch with ads on WMUR-TV, beginning the week of April 7th.

The first ad shows the letter “E” which separates into the words “education” and “economy” and a voice-under message saying that each one depends on the other. The ads were created by Fred Kocher and produced for the Coalition by WMUR.

“This is the first of what will be a number of initiatives to help persuade the public that the State’s future economic health will depend on the education of its citizens – more than anything else,” said Coalition Chair, Tom Raffio, President of Northeast Delta Dental. Raffio also serves as Chair of the New Hampshire Board of Education.

In addition to the WMUR ads, the Coalition has launched a new website (nhcbe.org) that outlines the Coalition’s activities and its intention to be an advocacy group committed to improving the quality, access and relevance of education for New Hampshire citizens of all ages.

The Coalition was formed in April of 2013 with the mission of strengthening the ties between the business and education communities in New Hampshire in order to work together on improving education at all levels. Coalition members include business CEOs, college presidents and chancellors, NH Department of Education leaders, school district leaders, non-profit education program directors, and the chairs of the NH House and NH Senate Education Committees.

“Many in the New Hampshire business community have been frustrated with the shortage of talent needed to run their businesses, especially in the areas of science and technology,” said Tom Raffio. “The Coalition offers a unique platform to advocate for viable initiatives that improve education, and also bolster the New Hampshire advantage through a 21st century educated workforce.”

To date, the New Hampshire Coalition for Business & Education has advocated for several education initiatives, including the New Hampshire Scholars Program, which is in 73 New Hampshire high schools where it promotes more rigor and relevance in high school curriculums, combined with student mentoring from the business community, and with the goal of improving student-readiness for college. Led by Director, Scott Power, State Scholars will be celebrating the accomplishments of more than 4,000 NH graduating high school seniors on May 13 at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium on Manchester.

The Coalition has also supported the statewide mapping of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education programs by the NH Charitable Foundation. Led by its President, Richard Ober, the goal is to promote a better utilization of those programs for the education of talent needed by New Hampshire businesses.

And, the Coalition supports the continued implementation of the Common Core Standards in New Hampshire secondary schools with the caveat that local school districts and teachers have the flexibility to add to or modify the standards to fit best teaching practices, with the overall goal of improving the education process for students.

The Coalition is being coordinated by Fred Kocher, former President of the NH High Technology Council. Coalition Advisors include the President of the New Hampshire College and University Council, Tom Horgan, the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education, Virginia Barry, and Deputy Commissioner, Paul Leather. The Coalition is supported by a Steering Group that includes the President of the Business & Industry Association of New Hampshire, Jim Roche; Vice President of Hypertherm, Inc, Barbara Couch; President of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Richard Ober; and Director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy, Steve Norton.

Nov 13, 2013 – The New Hampshire Coalition for Business & Education (NHCBE), an alliance of New Hampshire business, education and public policy leaders, has voted unanimously to support the Common Core Standards for math and English language arts in New Hampshire schools. The approval came at the Coalition’s November 8th meeting in Concord after briefings by education and business leaders. Read More→

CEOs Seek Better Partnership with Area Colleges

Bedford, NH – Even in this tough economy, high skill jobs are hard to fill in New Hampshire. In a series of meetings focused on training and retaining the state’s workforce, local business leaders urged New Hampshire’s business, education and policy leaders to redouble efforts to help better prepare for the changing needs of industry. Read More→

July 18, 2013 – Concord, NH – A diverse group of New Hampshire business, education and public policy leaders has endorsed two education initiatives, and agreed to consider future endorsement of three additional initiatives at its meeting in Concord on Monday. Launched earlier this year as the NH Coalition for Business & Education, the group agreed to endorse a $500,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) scholarship program in New Hampshire, and to also endorse the New Hampshire Scholars Program, which is currently in 64 New Hampshire high schools.

The Coalition is initially supportive of three additional initiatives in their early stages, with future endorsements based on completed presentations at a future meeting. The Coalition will work with the Community College System on a concept to bring educators and employers together to meet future labor market needs. The Coalition will also work with a group of private business leaders on a unique proposal to attract high school students to pursue computer science degrees at UNH Manchester. And, the Coalition is encouraged by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s exploration of a STEM inventory throughout the State.

A STEM Scholarship Program by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation would increase funding for students entering the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math). This initiative was generated in large part by the growth of businesses in New Hampshire that rely on workers skilled in these fields. The Charitable Foundation will dedicate $500,000 to STEM scholarships in 2013, and is also exploring ways to expand this work, including an inventory of STEM efforts across the State, and identifying opportunities to collaborate and do more. The Coalition endorses the scholarship initiative, and supports the Foundation’s exploration of a STEM inventory as outlined by Foundation President, Richard Ober.

The New Hampshire Scholars Program, which started in 2007 in New Hampshire, has become part of the education infrastructure in 64 New Hampshire high schools and offers students the opportunity to engage in more rigorous course work in preparation for college, and to earn recognition for that achievement. Some 300 New Hampshire businesses and communities have become partners with the Program. The Coalition supports a Program request by Director Scott Power to the New Hampshire Department of Education for financial support.

To date, the State Scholars Program has seen 10,728 New Hampshire high school students successfully graduate from the Program. This year alone, 3,600 students graduated as NH Scholars.

A Learning Exchange Concept from New Hampshire Community College Chancellor, Ross Gittell, was presented to the Coalition. The Learning Exchange would engage educators and employers in building a system of career pathways that are aligned with current and future labor market needs. The concept is a positive development for New Hampshire, and was received favorably by Coalition members, some of whom will work with Chancellor Gittell to develop the concept.

A Computer Science Proposal by NH High Technology Council Board Member, Matt Pierson, would attract interested high school students to pursue computer science degrees at the University of New Hampshire Manchester. Pierson and a group of NH business leaders are working closely with UNHM Dean, Ali Rafieymehr, and UNHM faculty to develop the program which they hope to launch in 2014. The Coalition supports the concept, and will consider a final proposal at a future meeting.

Coalition Chair, Tom Raffio, Pres. and CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, calls the Coalition’s work “important for the future of education in New Hampshire.”

The NH Coalition for Business and Education is a group of NH leaders representing business, education and public policy with a mission to serve as a sounding board for good ideas to improve education in New Hampshire, and then to advocate for those ideas and programs that show promise. The Coalition is independent and non-profit, with the NH Charitable Foundation serving as fiscal agent.

Concord  – The New Hampshire Coalition for Business & Education (NHCBE) was launched today, April 18th, as a new sounding board for good ideas to improve education in the Granite State and as an advocacy group for good ideas that show promise. The Coalition will also look to support existing education initiatives in New Hampshire that are successful and making a difference. Read More→