The New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education is a non-partisan organization composed of business, education, philanthropic and public policy leaders committed to improving the quality, access, and relevance of education for New Hampshire citizens of all ages.

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In the Spring of 2013, founding members of the NHCBE came together to form a business-driven, collaborative entity to act as a sounding board for good ideas and programs to improve education in NH, then to advocate for those ideas and programs that show promise and success.  Those founding members include the President and CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, Tom Raffio;   President of the NH High Technology Council, Fred Kocher;  President of the NH College and University Council, Tom Horgan;  NH Commissioner of Education, Virginia Barry; and Deputy Commissioner of Education, Paul Leather.

Bringing together perspectives from a diverse group of New Hampshire leaders, the NHCBE offers a unique platform to advocate for viable solutions that not only improve education, but also support the New Hampshire advantage through a 21st century educated workforce.

Many in the New Hampshire Business Community have been frustrated with the shortage of talent needed to run their businesses, especially in the area of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  They are supportive of genuine business engagement in education reform and improvement to educate students for a 21st century workforce, and have under-written the cost of the operation of the Coalition.

The NH Charitable Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for  NHCBE.


The NHCBE will take actions to do the necessary research, listen to those who propose improvements, and advocate for those programs and good ideas that will improve education.  And, we will do so, in part, by communicating with New Hampshire citizens, its elected officials, business leaders, education leaders and the news media.